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      New Information from the SCA Coffee Tech Guild (CTG)-- We are pleased to be able to include (for SCA Certification of Coffee Tech Guild credit)  the Hydraulics and  Electrical (Foundation Level) curriculum and testing for certification through Coffee Technicians Guild. 

      Added to Bootcamp  SCA CTechP Modules

      Hydraulics Practical skills:

      Get to seriously know the hydraulic components and water paths in your coffee equipment.


      Safely navigate your coffee equipment's electrical components and gain and understanding of their power requirements.

       This intense class is designed with the new to the industry to intermediate technician in mind. For the tech that is or is wanting to repair coffee equipment as their main focus. Also for roasting companies that have a position in mind for someone to keep their own equipment or their customers equipment running smoothly. 


      • Full understanding of each component
      • Learn the difference in espresso and coffee equipment designs
      • Attain a full understanding of power sources, electrical flow through coffee equipment with an emphasis in making your multimeter your best friend
      • Learn water flow and heat transfer throughout coffee equipment hydraulic systems
      • Learn what good water is and how to apply all the common water filter products for specific needs
      • Lots of hands on, practical exercises to gain proficiency in troubleshooting. We don't want to give you the answer but want to equip you with the tools to go out and diagnose issues properly to make proper repairs (instead of just throwing parts at it)

      This is a full 9 hour a day (5 day) class. We provide morning coffee, snacks and lunch (Vegan option available with prior notice). Workbench Coffee Labs is an SCA certified lab. 

      Class starts at 8am and runs until 5pm.

      ****By purchasing this class you acknowledge that Workbench Coffee Labs has requested all students, teachers and other participants to be vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus at least 2 weeks prior to attending class. Properly worn face masks will be required in class. Class size is limited to 4 students. 


      */*/*/*/*/*/PLEASE READ*/*/*/*/*/* The student needs to create an account and fill out the profile. If someone other than the student is paying - the card holder can contact Tooti at 816.529.6063 to pay over the phone or provide the student with the card number. The other option is for the student to provide the card holder all the information needed to create a profile/account. This way the student can track the classes they have taken. */*/*/*/*/* THANK YOU*/*/*/*/*/*

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