A Day with your Multimeter - taking the condition out of diagnosing electrical issues


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      A Day with your Multimeter - taking the confusion out of diagnosing electrical issues. This one day intense class focuses on the understanding of one of the most important tools any technician has.  

      It would be great if the multimeter could simply scan your machine like tri-quarter readings from Star Trek but,  as powerful as it is, the strength it brings to the game is dependent on your understanding of what it is telling you. 

      Not only will you receive your very own (to take home) digital meter, you will learn how to use it. 

      You can't understand the meter readings without understanding how electricity flows, so this class by default becomes an electrical fundamentals class with some focus on reading schematics. We break down OHMS law so that it finally makes sense.  

      If you don't currently fully understand everything a multimeter can tell you and you are ever going to need to troubleshoot any piece of equipment…. You need this class.

       This is a full day class with lunch and snacks included. Also included is a multimeter.  Workbench Coffee Labs is an SCA certified lab.


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