Introduction to Coffee


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      From Seed to Cup

      That coffee in your cup is wonderful. Have you ever wondered how it got there? What are the steps it takes to make your morning cup delightful? How does coffee grow? Where does it grow? How long does it take to produce coffee? It takes how many coffee trees to supply my coffee habit each year?! Explore the journey of the coffee bean in this 4hr lecture as we taste coffees from around the world.

      A fundamental skill of any specialty coffee professional is to be able to identify key points and explain the journey coffee from seed to cup. The class surveys the custody of coffee, from farmer to barista


      • State basic botanical and historical information about Arabica coffee and its growing conditions
      • Explore the four basic methods of processing coffee
      • Discuss basic stages in the chain of coffee from seed to cup:
      • Growing, harvesting, processing, milling, exporting, importing, roasting and cup preparation.
      • Discuss points in the coffee supply chain in which quality and volume are affected
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