Water Quality Class


  • Product Description

      Water quality has a direct impact on the flavor experience of brewed coffee and the mechanical integrity of coffee brewing equipment. This class exists to prepare coffee professionals to make effective decisions regarding water filtration.


      This class is designed to enable the student to:

      • Describe the SCA standard for water quality and how it might differ from common tap water.
      • Describe the impact that each factor has on the four aspects of brewed coffee.
      • Discuss the basic steps and tools used in evaluating water as it relates to the coffee industry.
      • Identify the filtration needs for specific forms of coffee extraction.
      • Describe the design and impact of popular water-filtration systems.
      • Describe the initial and ongoing costs of ownership relative to popular water-filtration systems
      • List the common factors that lead to mineral deposits in water-handling equipment.
      • Illustrate the basic pathway of water from source to equipment using a water filtration system.

      Instructor: Marty Roe

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