All About Drip Coffee


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      All brewers are not created equal.  This hands on class takes you under the hood of the most popular brewers out there.  

      Daily, monthly and annual maintenance is important to keeping your brewer running smooth. We take you through what it takes to keep things going. 

      We also take you through "dialing in" your brew. Today's brewers have features that allow you to tune in the very best possible extraction you can get.  

      If you are a shop that brews various blends,  or even has guest coffees, being able to make subtle changes in the brew recipe can make a huge difference in matching the brew with the coffee. This class will give you the knowledge required to take control of all of your drip coffee brews. 

      Between the maintenance knowledge and brew recipe knowledge this is a great class for anyone using a drip coffee machine.

        This is a full 9 hour a day (5 day) class. We provide morning coffee, snacks and lunch (Vegan option available). Workbench Coffee Labs is an SCA certified lab. 

        Class starts at 8am and runs until 5pm.


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