Barista Basics for Individuals


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      This class is designed to teach the essentials of being a great Barista! If you are wanting a place to start your coffee industry career this class is designed to provide you with great basic knowledge.  You will have lecture and hand on experience. Topics of focus include espresso brewing, milk steaming, pouring and presentation, as well as basic equipment operation and cleaning.


      • Identify and list components of espresso brewing equipment
      • Identify essential elements for brewing great espresso
      • Prepare espresso according to industry standards
      • Perform milk steaming, presentation and basic pours
      • Perform end of day cleaning & ongoing sanitation

      This is a full 8 hour (1 day) class. We provide morning coffee, snacks and lunch (Vegan option always available). Workbench Coffee Labs is an SCA certified lab. 

      Class starts at 9am and runs until 5pm.

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