Under the Hood Class 3 -- Espresso Machines


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      Properly functioning equipment is crucial to the daily success of cafes and coffee operations. Cafe owners who have a thorough knowledge of their espresso equipment can reduce the frequency of problems, identify problems early, communicate more effectively with technicians, save money and, most importantly, ensure product quality. This course will allow you to understand the basic yet important functions of a multi-meter and how that relates to diagnosing issues with espresso machines. Building on the previous maintenance classes we will dive into diagnosing most issues seen with espresso machines both electrical and hydraulic systems. We require you to have taken the previous maintenance class or have a good understanding of the function of each component in a typical espresso machine.
      The 3rd in a series of hands on classes, in this class we enter into the realm of diagnostics. Lean how valuable a multimeter is. We highly recommend that attendants have an existing knowledge of espresso machine components and can correctly and comfortable identify them ability to correctly identify them prior to attending this class.
      Instructor: Marty Roe
      This ADVANCED class is intended for: Coffee Professionals (Familiar with Espresso Machines), Amateur Technicians
      This class is designed to enable students to:
      Demonstrate good safety practices
      Demonstrate the use of basic electric meters
      Understand the electrical system of espresso equipment
      Understand the hydraulic system of espresso equipment
      Evaluate and diagnose problems

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