Under the Hood Class 1 -- Espresso Machines


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      Properly functioning equipment is crucial to the daily success of cafes and coffee operations. Cafe owners who have a thorough knowledge of their equipment can reduce the frequency of problems, identify problems early, communicate more effectively with technicians, save money and, most importantly, ensure product quality. This course exists to prepare cafe owners and managers to be proficient in preventing equipment from falling into disrepair, and to react quickly and efficiently in the event of an equipment failure. This is the first class in a three part series. Take one class at a time or take all three- it is up to you.

      Know and understand the basic design differences in espresso machines.

      Be able to identify and state the functionality of each basic and support components within an espresso machine design.

      Be able to perform barista level maintenance on a typical espresso machine.

      Fully understand the risk of injury as it pertains to working with pressurized systems and know how to minimize risk.

      Understand the role that water quality plays in proper operation and care of brewing equipment along with a basic understanding of tools available to condition water for use in coffee brewing equipment. 

      Attain the knowledge necessary to move into classes two and three in this series.

      Class starts at 1pm and wraps up about 5pm.

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