In Depth Coffee Shop Owner's Technical Skill Camp (2 Day)


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      This two day class is a must for any coffee shop owner or manager who wants to know more than what is offered in the one day Shop Owner's Class.  We understand that when a piece of equipment stops performing perfectly that you wish you fully understood what was going on so you could either take care of it yourself or know with confidence that the best action is to call the pros. 

      We will take you under the hood and show you what each component is, you get to take them apart,  see what's inside and what preventive parts you will install to keep them running smooth. 

      We think a good relationship with a Service Provider (SP) is a valuable thing. This class will empower you to make simple repairs yourself and be able to communicate with your SP more effectively. 

        This is a full 2 day class. We provide morning coffee, snacks and lunch (Vegan option available with prior notice). Workbench Coffee Labs is an SCA certified lab. 

        Day one you will learn how to safely work on your equipment, how to identify all the components used in espresso and drip coffee machines as well as grinders.  We will cover their proper name, role they play, how they interact with the other components and most importantly- how they typically fail.  In day one we will cover the typical tune up procedures and preventative maintenance for the coffee equipment. 

        The knowledge you learned on day one sets you up perfectly for day two.  Day two will run you through a barrage of "what if" and "how to" scenarios, a collection of  typical failures and how best to respond.  Your success with keeping your equipment operating  is our goal in this class. 


        Class starts at 8am and runs until 5pm. 

        *****By purchasing this class you acknowledge that Workbench Coffee Labs strongly  recommends that all students, teachers and other participants to be vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus at least 2 weeks prior to attending class. Class size is limited to 4 students. 

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