Under the Hood Class 2 -- Espresso Machines


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      Under the Hood: Espresso Machine Maintenance & Basic Troubleshooting (Class 2 of 3)

      This class begins for focus on the heart of your coffee shop, “the espresso machine”. Building on the knowledge learned from the “Under the Hood Class 1” Class (a prerequisite) we focus in on the design, operation and how to best maintain your espresso machine. This course exists to prepare cafe owners and managers to be proficient in preventing espresso machines from falling into disrepair, and to react quickly and efficiently in the event of an equipment failure.
      This hands-on class is designed to enable students to:
      Demonstrate good safety practices.
      List essential contents of the maintenance toolkit for espresso machines.
      Identify how water chemistry impacts equipment performance and lifetime.
      Identify the basic and common components of an espresso machine.
      Identify how proper cleaning and other practices are part of preventive maintenance
      Demonstrate the ability to do basic troubleshooting

      Class begins at 1pm and wraps up about 5pm.

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