USBC Training Session


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      Congratulations on moving on! We are very excited for you! 

      Workbench Coffee Labs welcomes you to practice in our training space. We have a Victoria Arduino Black Eagle 3 group w VST baskets, Mahlkonig K30, knock box, trash can, refrigerator, bus cart with tubs and bar mops

      We ask that you follow some simple rules:

      1) Be punctual with your practice arrival time as well as ending times. We have set aside 4 hour blocks Monday thru Friday March 1-15. There are 2 sessions available each of those days 8am to noon and noon to 4pm. As you see, someone will be coming in as you are finishing up, so you need to come in, set up, do your practice runs and clean up and leave the space in your 4 hour time slot.

      2) We ask that you back flush the machine, wipe down the machine, clean the grinder up, wipe the counters and sweep the floor (bonus points for taking out the trash!) within our time allotted. You can wash and pack up dishes after you vacate the practice room.

      3) You will need to bring everything else you will need with you. (beans, milk, cups, spoons, ingredients, etc)

      There is no charge for this. We want you to do your best and have a good time at the USBC! To sign up, simply select your day and time that you'd like to come, put it in your cart and finish up the "sale". 

       If you have any questions, just text Tooti @ 816.529.6063

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