Intermediate Diagnostics & Repair (SCA)


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      Intermediate Diagnostics & Repair is the next level, if you will, in the Specialty Coffee Association  Coffee Technician Program (CTechP).

      The SCA CTechP Foundation level Hydraulic and Electrical (with passing scores/SCA certificates) are a prerequisite for taking this course. 

      ******Please read/follow instructions before purchasing to avoid charges related to refunds if you haven't taken and passed the prerequisites******Please download and email your SCA Foundation Level certificates for Hydraulic, Electrical & Water/Preventative Maintenance and email them to: and wait until you get approval response email. Thank you!

      Course Description
      Intermediate Diagnostics & Repair builds on the knowledge of coffee equipment parts and proper system function introduced in the Hydraulics Foundation and Electrical Foundation courses. It introduces the knowledge and skills necessary to: identify symptoms of common coffee equipment malfunctions, perform simple troubleshooting to diagnose their causes, complete common repairs safely and effectively, and adjust key coffee equipment operating parameters.
      At the end of the course, the learner will be able to:
      •Describe key coffee equipment systems and circuits.
      •Explain the anatomy and function of common espresso machine, batch brewer, and coffee grinder components.
      •List common mechanical and electrical failure modes of components and systems.
      •Describe common indicators of hydraulic and electrical system failures.
      •Demonstrate steps commonly used to safely troubleshoot malfunctioning systems.
      •Demonstrate the safe replacement or rebuilding of coffee equipment components.
      •Identify hydraulic fittings and fasteners commonly used on/in coffee equipment components.
      •Identify electrical connectors and conductors commonly used on/in coffee equipment components.
      •Demonstrate measurement, calibration, and adjustment of coffee equipment operating parameters.

        This is a full 9 hour a day (5 day) class. When making travel plans, please understand that the class is a full 5 days. We will not change the curriculum to accommodate early flights if you choose to leave before the scheduled end of class, which is 5pm. 

        We provide morning coffee, snacks and lunch (Vegan option available with prior notice). Workbench Coffee Labs is an SCA certified lab located in Kansas City, Missouri. 

        Class starts at 8am and runs until 5pm.

        ****By purchasing this class you acknowledge that Workbench Coffee Labs strongly  urges all students, teachers and other participants to be vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus at least 2 weeks prior to attending class.

        Class size is limited to 4 students. 

        */*/*/*/*/*/PLEASE READ*/*/*/*/*/* The student needs to create an account and fill out the profile. If someone other than the student is paying - the card holder can contact Tooti at 816.529.6063 to pay over the phone or provide the student with the card number. The other option is for the student to provide the card holder all the information needed to create a profile/account. This way the student can track the classes they have taken. */*/*/*/*/* THANK YOU*/*/*/*/*/*

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